Hello everyone! This is the page where I will share with you my experiences of traveling with, and broadcasting games of, the American Collegiate Hockey Association Division 2 Select Hockey Team as we travel through Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Italy from Dec. 26th, 2009 to Jan. 7th, 2010 through words, pictures, and video. Enjoy! Steve

WSR To Broadcast Select Games

In a last minute scheduling adjustment, the 2009-10 Select hockey games in Europe against teams from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France will be broadcast live on WebSports Radio.com's Live TV starting with game one against Val Vanoise on Tuesday, December 29th at 8:45 pm European time from Pralognan, France - (1:45 pm Central) or 2:45 pm Eastern.

All games will be videocast live, as long as we have high-speed Internet capabilities, which at this point we should. The live feed can be accessed clicking on WebSports Radio broadcast link in this story or below at right.

Steve Casson and Phil Sweeney, an Assistant Coach with Davenport University, will bring you all the action. The pre-game show will be 10 minutes before game time.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 11 - Fussen, Germany

For the first time on this trip, our start was a little bit later then usual. We began at 11am for a guided walking tour of the town we have been staying in - Fussen, Germany.

The players hotel in the downtown area.

The restaurant we had our meals at in Fussen....

They have a Woolworth in Fussen!  I thought they went out of business in the U.S. many years ago.

Don't park here??!?!

Changing things up a bit, we stopped at the St. Mang Monastery and Basilica in Fussen, and put off a tour of the Neuschawnstein Castle until Wednesday.

Jonathan Juliano and Kent Arsenault

After lunch, it was time to head for Memmingen, Germany and a game with the Indians.

An 8-3 win for the Select team, the game was well played and seemed closer then the score indicated. The people in Memmingen were great!  The arena was filled with lots of drums and an appreciation for Select Head Coach Paul Lowden's playing time (4 years in the early 90's) with the Indians.

The Select team is now 5-0 on the 2009-2010 European Tour and improves to 10-0 dating back to 2007.


Per 1 - 01:41 - SEL - Jonathan Juliano from Jordan Jakubik
Per 1 - 02:59 - SEL - Devin Zimmer from Joe Dabkowski and Shaun McTigue
Per 1 - 05:47 - SEL - Matthew Morang from Bill Allen and Michael Truex
Per 1 - 10:19 - SEL - Jordan Jakubik from Jonathan Juliano and Brett Galbraith
Per 1 - 12:11 - SEL - Adam Thomas (unassisted)
Per 1 - 16:35 - MEM - Martin Lohle from James Nagle (PP)
Per 2 - 10:44 - SEL - Jordan Jakubik from Brett Galbraith
Per 2 - 10:56 - SEL - Brett Galbraith (unassisted)
Per 2 - 11:59 - MEM - Manfred Jorde from James Nagle and Mike Dolezal (PP)
Per 2 - 18:19 - SEL - Steve Black from Shaun McTigue and Matthew Morang (PP)
Per 3 - 13:26 - MEM - Martin Lohle from James Nagle and Daniel Pfeiffer (PP)

Selects - 1 for 4, Memmingen - 3 for 6

Selects 41 (24 on Patrick Vetter and 17 on Dominik Wagner)
Memmingen 37 (7 on Justin Sand, 20 on Adam Brown and 10 on Mike Poepping)

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